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Shows 2020  subject to easing of Government restrictions re COVID-19

Spring Daffodil Shows: to be confirmed  –

Hobart Horticultural Society Spring Show in the Town Hall is confirmed with Council approval for Social Distancing.  This will be a smaller show, no raffles, catering or plant stalls but a full schedule for daffodil and camellia classes.

Open to the public 12 noon-5.00pm Friday 11th September and 10am-4.00pm Saturday 12th.         Exhibitors and visitors welcome.

Daffodil Show dates and TDC Trophy allocation 2020

** indicates a separate class is not needed for this Trophy.

Hobart Horticultural Society

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th September


Hobart Town Hall

1. T.H. Piper Tray – 3 standard pinks, one of which must be a trumpet

3. D.T. Oldham Trophy – 3 distinct standard Div 4 daffodils

1 Restricted Section Award, 3 distinct any size daffodil.

TDC Coaster – Best Div 7 **

Wynyard Garden Club

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th


1. Harold Cross Trophy – Best Div 11 any size.

2. J.M. Radcliff Trophy– 3 standard  Tasmanian raised daffodils, Div 1-4 NND in separate containers.

2Dr. Mike Temple-Smith Prize -3 daffodils, 1 stem of any 3 divisions 5-9 in separate containers.

TDC Coaster – Best Division 2.**

Claremont Spring Show

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September


Bilton Street, Claremont

1. Don Bulman Memorial Trophy – 1 Div 1, 1 Div 2, 1 Div 3. Standard daffodils.

2. K.J. Heazlewood Trophy –  best Tasmanian raised Div 5-9 & 12. Any size  ** (No separate class.)

3. S.F.Richardson Trophy–3 distinct miniatures, named not seedlings in one container. Presentation to be taken into account.

TDC Coaster–Best daffodil Division 8. **

Launceston Horticultural Society  Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th

Venue – to be confirmed


NB (Benching late Friday or early Saturday.  Judging Saturday morning.)

1. R.H. Glover Trophy – 3 standard seedlings – one all white, 1 all yellow and 1 bi-colour

2 Hubert Yeates Award – 7 daffodils in one container.

3. W (Tim) Jackson Award – 3 yellow standard trumpets, NND.

4. TDC Miniature Award – 3 distinct Tasmanian raised miniatures in separate containers.

TDC Coaster – Best daffodil Div 5.

Westbury Garden Club

Saturday 5th  September


1.Roblin Tray – 3 Tas. raised standard daffodils with white perianths

2. Novice Award for 3 distinct varieties, any size or division in separate containers.

TDC Coaster – Best Div 1 daffodil **

Central Coast Garden Club

Saturday 26th  September


Ulverstone Rowing Club

1. Frank Stronach Trophy – best reverse bi colour – (Y-W) any size daffodil **

2. TDC Seeding Tray – seedling not previously exhibited, any size daffodil.

3. Broadfield Memorial Award – best Tasmanian raised Div 2 W-W standard daffodil

TDC Coaster – Best Div 4 **


Claremont Spring Flower Show – 5th & 6th September,2020 Bilton St, Claremont.

Westbury Garden Club – Saturday 5th September

Hobart Horticultural Society – Friday 11th & Saturday 12th September, Hobart Town Hall.

Wynyard Garden Club – Saturday12th & Sunday 13th  September

Launceston Horticultural Show – 19th & Sunday 20th September,

All Saints – Macquarie St, Hobart – Possibly Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September

Central Coast Show – Saturday 26th  September, Rowing Club, Ulverstone

*** Note, there will be an Opening of the Mike Temple-Smith Memorial Garden at the home of Wilma Bowman,  Acton, sometime during September.

A pot of daffodils
Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com

World Daffodil Convention – Canberra  2020 Cancelled due to travel restrictions

   Hoping it will take place 2021


Tasmanian pre-Convention tour will NOT be available in 2021.  Private visitors are very welcome.  Please contact TDC members personally.





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