Photo Gallery

Champion Hobart 2019 ‘Gargleblaster’ – Glenbrook Bulb Farm

  LHS  2019 Miniature Ch. “Angel’s Whisper” – Noel Button

‘Uncensored ‘Reserve Ch. Hobart – Helen Blowfield

Kevin Crowe seedlings 2019 Hobart Miniature ch. in centre

Owen and Julie Bedford Champion blooms 2019

Uncensored 11a W-P
Uncensored 11a W-P Exhibitor Helen Blowfield
Pops Legacy. C & D Fielding 1W-Y
Pops legacy 1 W-Y  exhibitor D. & C. Fielding
Nynja 2YY H B
Nynja 2Y-Y  exhibitor  Helen Blowfield
MTS sdlg Reverse bi col. H. B
Best Reverse bi-colour  exhibitor Helen Blowfield
IMG_045Quamby Dot Inter. D Pyke
Quamby Dot, Intermediate size  exhibitor D. Pyke
Duration 4
Duration 4W-O  exhibitor Helen Blowfield
D. Pyke Sdlg Gr Ch. 2W-P
Grand Champion Seedling 2W-P  David Pyke
Banker L 2016
Banker 2 Y-O ( Jackson’s Daffodils)
Mesa Verde 12G-GGY
Bob Spotts   Mesa Verde
Wampum L
Wampum 4W-P (Jackson’s Daffodils)
HHS Daffodil Show, Hobart miniatures
Hobart champion table
Hobart champion table, Gr Ch. Macdalla, exhib Helen Blowfield
HHS Daffodil Show, Hobart
tHobart Show, special classes.
Glenorchy Mayor, her Excellency the Governor and Libby Shoobridge, Claremont Show
Champion table, Div 11 ‘Elevenses’ and Div 1. Seedling, GBF
Gr. Champion, Rapture 6Y-Y. Exhib. Janelle & Jon Noble
The Richardson Trophy, K. Crowe, Jumblie, Tete a Tete & Panizzianus
K. Crowe Div 7 Seedling, (Sunstroke x N. Jonquilla

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