Launceston Show results Sept 2018

Grand Champion Daffodil

Champion Open

Champion Pink

Champion Seedling

David Pyke Seedling 2W-P

(Pink Belladonna  x Pink Silk)

Reserve Champion

Best Div 4

Helen Blowfield Duration 4W-O
Best Bloom Restricted Joyann Bramich Party Girl 4 W-P
Best Bloom Novice Wayne dahl Pink Silk 1W-P
Champion Miniature Doug & Christine Fielding GTS sdlg (Threshhold x N.asturiensis)
Best Intermediate size David Pyke Quamby Dot 2Y-Y
TDC Restricted Section Award Evonne Blackley
TDC  M.Temple-Smith Memorial prize Doug & Christine Fielding
TDC Don Bulman Memorial Trophy Doug & Christine Fielding
TDC  J.M. Radcliff Trophy No entries
TDC Coaster

Best Div 4

Helen Blowfield
Best Div 1. D. & C. Fielding Pops legacy 1W-Y
Best Div 2. Helen Blowfield Nynja 2Y-Y
Best Div 3 D. & C. Fielding Farrago 3W-W
Best bloom with rim John Tabor Sdlg 4/06 2W-YYO
Best Reverse bicolour Helen Blowfield MTS Sdlg   01/67 1YYW-WWY
Best Div 5 D. & C. Fielding Lapwing 5W-Y
Best Div 6 David Pyke Abracadabra 6Y-Y
Best Div 7 D. & C. Fielding Intrigue 7Y-W
Best Div 8 D. & C. Fielding Avalanche 8W-Y
Best Div 9 D. & C. Fielding Ika-Jika 9W-GYR
Best Div 10 Evonne Blackley
Best Div 11 Helen Blowfield Uncensored 11aW-P
Best Div 13 Jeanette Ashdown


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